hello, I’m Alison

hi, nice to meet you, whoever you are. I’m Alison. I love all things leopard print, red lipstick, pop music and sleeping. oh, and I have two kids – a three year old son, and a four year old daughter. I’ve been with my husbunny for a thousand years – since I was 22, to be precise. We waited 15 years to have kids. By waited, I meant, we never really thought about it and never got pregnant.

So many moms say how motherhood has changed them for the better, and while I believe this to be true, I’ve also come to accept another truth. And that truth is that kids are dicks. Like, straight up assholes. A lot of the time. I don’t know if it’s it’s necessary to add the caveat that I love them, blah blah, because, I’m not a psychopath. Of course I do. But that’s not what this blog is about.

So, watch the insanity unfold as I explore what it means to be a mom, a woman, a professional, wife, daughter, best friend and everything in between. Let the fun begin.