halloween, Rona style

I love Halloween. it kicks off the holiday season for me, and as an extrovert, we launch into my favorite time of year.

today, i’m realizing that halloween is two weeks away. and that my kids are going to be majorly bummed about not trick or treating. and that, if I’m honest, I’m sorta bummed about it, too. I start questioning whether or not I need a halloween outfit this year (I LOVE dressing up on Halloween). On finding a way to get into every single sold out, kid friendly Halloween event. stressing out about taking my kid’s to a pumpkin patch because, you know, crowds. and for whatever reason, today, I just feel generally sort of down.

maybe it’s because, eve though we’re no longer on literal lockdown, we’re still in a different version of the same thing every day. and it’s tough. especially as my favorite party season of the year is kicking off. no holiday dresses. no family get togethers (a blessing and a curse, perhaps). no minty cocktails with my girlfriends.

and I know, I know. I’m just being whiny. that I’m lucky that we’re safe, and have food and are healthy. And I’m grateful for that. But I also need to allow myself space to feel bummed. so, this week is that week.